Month: July 2016

  1. Research Fellow Position Available

    Applications are now being sought for a post-doctoral fellow in Nanophotonics. Details here. Note that applications close 31 July 2016. Contact Ann Roberts for more information.

  2. New Nature Communications review paper

    Ken Crozier and co-authors have published a review article, Quantum mechanical effects in plasmonic structures with subnanometre gaps, in Nature Communications. The paper can be found at:

  3. ARC Linkage success

    In May 2016, Ken Crozier was awarded a grant by the Australian Research Council (ARC), as part of their Linkage Program.  The project is entitled “Colour matching on a chip” and is a collaborative project with Palette.  Chief Investigators are Ken and Jiatian Liang from Palette

  4. Ken Crozier awarded DARPA grant

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency  (DARPA, USA) has awarded a grant on “Long wave infrared photodetectors based on nano-optics and two dimensional materials” to Ken Crozier with Professor Ali Javey (University of Caifornia-Berkeley) as co-PI.