Month: November 2016

  1. ARC Discovery Project success

    Rob Scholten and Keith Nugent (Latrobe University) have received $765,500 in funding in a ARC Discovery Project grant ‘Atomic scale imaging with high coherence ions and electrons’ commencing in 2017. This project aims to combine a cold atom electron-ion source with a commercial microscope column for atomic-scale imaging in biosciences and materials science. Nanoscale imaging […]

  2. Chris Chantler elected Fellow of the American Physical Society

    Professor Chantler has been recognised for advances in the accurate measurement and understanding of photons and matter interaction in the X-ray regime. Congratulations, Chris!

  3. New paper in ACS Photonics

    Work led by Eugene Panchenko and Jasper Cadusch describing a novel polarisation-sensitive, nanoantenna-enabled Metal-Semiconductor-Metal photodetector was published in ACS Photonics on 9 September 2016. This device demonstrates the capacity for plasmonics to contribute to new, ultracompact optical communication, sensing and imaging systems. A link to the article is here.