Month: September 2018

  1. Paper in Optics Letters

    Led by Ben Craig, members of Ken’s group have co-authored a paper published on 13 September in Optics Letters,¬†Experimental demonstration of infrared spectral reconstruction using plasmonic metasurfaces. Link to the paper here.

  2. Student chapters @ Astrolight

    Members of our OSA and SPIE student chapters, led by OSA Chapter President Faris Shahidan, once again hosted the ever-popular laser maze at the AstroLight Festival held at Scienceworks on the night of Saturday 8 September. There was a large contingent from the School of Physics (see photo) with telescopes, discussions on OzGrav and many […]

  3. Optical information processing paper in JOSA A

    Ann, Daniel Gomez and Tim Davis co-authored a paper,¬†Optical image processing with metasurface dark modes, that was published today in Journal of the Optical Society of America A . The article looks at the use of the angular dependence of the excitation of certain ‘dark modes’ of metasurfaces to simulate edge enhancement of amplitude objects […]