Month: August 2021

  1. TMOS seeking PhD and masters students

    The ARC Centre of Excellence for Transformative Meta-Optical Systems is now seeking expressions of interest from suitably qualified candidates for MSc (coursework) and PhD positions. By harnessing the disruptive concept of meta-optics TMOS will develop the next generation of ultra-compact optical systems with fundamentally new and exciting capabilities. If you are interested in joining the […]

  2. Actively variable-spectrum optoelectronics with black phosphorus

    Nima Azar, Sivacarendran Balendhran and Ken Crozier are co-authors on a Nature paper with colleagues from the University of California at Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. They made use of the extraordinary sensitivity of the bandgap of black phosphorous (bP) to strain to show the continuous and reversible tuning of the operating wavelengths […]

  3. Review article on thin film and meta-optical image processing

    Lukas Wesemann, Tim Davis and Ann Roberts have a new review article looking at the use of thin films and metasurfaces for all-optical image processing that appeared today in Applied Physics Reviews. Link here.