Rob Scholten receives AOS John Love Award

At the 2018 AIP Congress, Professor Robert Scholten was announced as the 2018 recipient of the Australian Optical Society John Love Award which recognises those who have made a significant contribution to technical optics. The acknowledgement of Professor Scholten’s establishment of MOGlabs is well deserved.

ARC Grant Success

Members of the optical physics were successful in the recently announced round of ARC Grants. Rob Scholten was successful leading a new Linkage Project grant with Industry Partner MOGLabs: High-brightness wavelength tuneable lasers for quantum science.  Rob is also a co-CI with our colleague Andy Martin on a new Discovery Project Grant: Controlling spin coherence with rotation. Ann Roberts is a co-CI on a Linkage Infrastructure grant led by A/Professor Qiaoliang Bao at Monash University: Multi-functional 3D imaging system for micro and nanoscale devices. This grant will deliver important new tools for the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication.

Emil Wolf Outstanding Student Paper Prize

Congratulations to Faris Shahidan who was awarded an Emil Wolf Outstanding Student Paper Prize for his recent presentation, Towards Scalable Fabrication of Plasmonic Colour via Nanoimprint Lithography at OSA Frontiers in Optics in Washington DC! Faris also represented the University’s OSA student chapter at the associated student leadership conference. 

Attendees at the OSA Student Leadership Conference

Kelvin’s completion seminar

Zhe “Kelvin” Xu succesfully gave his PhD completion seminar to the School of Physics on 8 October. Kelvin (second from right) and advisory panel consisting of supervisors, Ken (right – main supervisor) and Ann (co-supervisor) and committee chair Lloyd Hollenberg (on left) are shown in the photo taken after the seminar.

Vivek, Jiajun and Jasper visit University of Manchester

Members of Ken’s team visited the University of Manchester from 1-5 October to make measurements in the laboratory of Dr Patrick Parkinson.  Jasper and Vivek gave presentations in the School of Physics and Astronomy.  In addition, all three had the opportunity to tour the National Graphene Insitute.

L-R: Jasper, Jiajun & Vivek

Paper in OSA Continuum

Work undertaken by Lukas, Kalpana and former MPhil student, Panji, has been published in OSA Continuum. The paper, Metasurfaces, dark modes, and high NA illumination, looks at the spatial dispersion of dark modes of metasurfaces consisting of an array of plasmonic radial trimers. Link to the paper here (open source).

Paper in Optics Letters

Led by Ben Craig, members of Ken’s group have co-authored a paper published on 13 September in Optics Letters, Experimental demonstration of infrared spectral reconstruction using plasmonic metasurfaces. Link to the paper here.

Student chapters @ Astrolight

Members of our OSA and SPIE student chapters, led by OSA Chapter President Faris Shahidan, once again hosted the ever-popular laser maze at the AstroLight Festival held at Scienceworks on the night of Saturday 8 September. There was a large contingent from the School of Physics (see photo) with telescopes, discussions on OzGrav and many other activities.

Optical information processing paper in JOSA A

Ann, Daniel Gomez and Tim Davis co-authored a paper, Optical image processing with metasurface dark modes, that was published today in Journal of the Optical Society of America A . The article looks at the use of the angular dependence of the excitation of certain ‘dark modes’ of metasurfaces to simulate edge enhancement of amplitude objects and visualisation of phase variations in an optical field. Ann’s gorgeous cat, Pi, features as a test object! The paper can be linked to here.

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