1. Reconfigurable image processing metasurface

    In work just published in Nature Communications, a collaboration between University of Melbourne, CUNY, and RMIT University has demonstrated a metasurface that can be switched between edge detection and producing a conventional image. The device integrates a thin film of VO2 that undergoes a phase change at around 68C altering its optical properties opening up […]

  2. New article on nanoparticle-enhanced photodetection in transparent nanosheets

    Work led by Dr Nitu Syed has demonstrated enhanced UV and visible photodetection in ultrathin (< 3nm) nanosheets of SnO2 by integrating plasmonic gold nanoparticles onto their surface. The outcomes have been published in ACS Applied Nano Materials.

  3. Post-doctoral position available

    Dr Alex Wood and Professor Andy Martin are seeking a research fellow to work on levitated nanodiamonds. Applications close 8 June. Details at: Contact Alex ( for more information.

  4. Congratulations to Shaban Sulejman – new Fulbright Scholar!

    Last week in Canberra, PhD student Shaban Sulejman was announced as a 2024 Fulbright Future Scholar and recognized by the US ambassador to Australia Caroline Kennedy. Shaban will be taking up the scholarship later in the year to work with TMOS Partner Investigator Professor Andrea Alu at CUNY.

  5. New ultra-thin ammonia sensor

    In work led by McKenzie Fellow, Dr Nitu Syed, researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Transformative Meta-Optical Systems, have developed a gas sensor using atomically thin transparent two-dimensional (2D) tin dioxide film. The material has a thickness of only 2 nanometres which is 50000 times thinner than a paper. Reducing the thickness to […]

  6. New paper on influence of disorder on beetle colour

    Work led by Tim Davis is featured as an Editor’s Pick in the latest Optics Express – link here. We show that by extracting structural information from transmission electron microscopy data, including characteristic disorder parameters, good agreement with spectral specular and non-specular reflectance measurements can be obtained.

  7. TMOS seeking new PhD and MSc students for 2024 commencement

    The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Transformative Meta-optical Systems (TMOS) is currently seeking expressions of interest from prospective PhD research higher degree and MSc coursework students. Students should send an expression of interest to Professor Ken Crozier and/or Professor Ann Roberts – a list of potential projects can be found here. Applications need […]

  8. Deconstructing beetles elucidates origins of colour

    In work just published in Materials Today Advances, members of the group, led by Laura Ospina-Rozo, report new results into the optical and near-infrared properties of beetle elytra. We showed that some scarab beetles use composite, non-chiral structures to reflect light where the elytra consist of a broadband reflective structure overlain by a green filter. […]

  9. TMOS launched!

    Members of the Melbourne node, Dr Wendy Lee, Dr Lukas Wesemann and PhD student Shaban Sulejman attended the official launch of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Transformative Meta-Optical Systems (TMOS) at ANU on the 28th September. The launch was attended by Australian Research Council Chief Executive Officer Ms Judith Zielke, ANU Vice Chancellor Prof. […]

  10. Meta-optic promises new approach to imaging live cells

    Work led by Lukas Wesemann published in ACS Photonics reports the use of a metasurface for generating pseudo-3D images of phase objects. His subsequent article in The Conversation discusses its potential application to disease detection.

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