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  1. Paper in OSA Continuum

    Work undertaken by Lukas, Kalpana and former MPhil student, Panji, has been published in OSA Continuum. The paper, Metasurfaces, dark modes, and high NA illumination, looks at the spatial dispersion of dark modes of metasurfaces consisting of an array of plasmonic radial trimers. Link to the paper here (open source).

  2. Paper in Optics Letters

    Led by Ben Craig, members of Ken’s group have co-authored a paper published on 13 September in Optics Letters, Experimental demonstration of infrared spectral reconstruction using plasmonic metasurfaces. Link to the paper here.

  3. Student chapters @ Astrolight

    Members of our OSA and SPIE student chapters, led by OSA Chapter President Faris Shahidan, once again hosted the ever-popular laser maze at the AstroLight Festival held at Scienceworks on the night of Saturday 8 September. There was a large contingent from the School of Physics (see photo) with telescopes, discussions on OzGrav and many […]

  4. Optical information processing paper in JOSA A

    Ann, Daniel Gomez and Tim Davis co-authored a paper, Optical image processing with metasurface dark modes, that was published today in Journal of the Optical Society of America A . The article looks at the use of the angular dependence of the excitation of certain ‘dark modes’ of metasurfaces to simulate edge enhancement of amplitude objects […]

  5. Crozier group publication in Nature Photonics

    In collaboration with Ali Javey’s group at Berkeley, Ken and Vivek have coauthored a paper Polarization-resolved black phosphorus/molybdenum disulfide mid-wave infrared photodiodes with high detectivity at room temperature in Nature Photonics published on 27 August. The paper describes the investigation of black phosphorous (bP)/MoS2 heterojunction photodiodes as mid-wave infrared (MWIR) detector and it is shown that […]

  6. Publication in ACS Nano

    In work led by Heyou Zhang in Paul Mulvaney’s group in the School of Chemistry and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Exciton Science, Ann Roberts and former student Jasper Cadusch co-authored a paper published today in ACS Nano, Direct Assembly of Large Area Nanoparticle Arrays. This work looks at utilising template-directed electrophoretic assembly of […]

  7. PhD graduation

    Congratulations to Dr Elaine Miles who graduated on 27 July!

  8. Crozier group and collaborators publish in ACS Nano

    Members of Ken’s group, in collaboration with Ali Javey’s group at Berkeley, have published a paper, Solution-Synthesized High-Mobility Tellurium Nanoflakes for Short-Wave Infrared Photodetectors, in ACS Nano on 18 June. The paper describes optical characterization of Te crystals and the demonstration of their use in short wave infrared photodetectors.

  9. Article in ACS Photonics

    Kelvin Zhu, Ken and Wuzhou Song are authors on a paper published in ACS Photonics today, Direct Particle Tracking Observation and Brownian Dynamics Simulations of a Single Nanoparticle Optically Trapped by a Plasmonic Nanoaperture. The article describes simulations that were performed to gain insight into optical trapping by nanostructures that were combined with stochastic Brownian diffusion to […]

  10. Lab renovation

    Renovations on our Level 5 laboratories are now complete! Funding from the Faculty of Science and School of Physics supported this valuable initiative that will support our research and research training.

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