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  1. PhD completion

    Congratulations to Elaine Miles who has successfully completed all requirements for her PhD. As per her citation Elaine investigated the extension of laser speckle based imaging methods to new problems in cultural materials conservation. She showed that it was possible to image underdrawings, obtain in-situ information about canvas paintings and study the temporal behaviour of drying […]

  2. New article in Advanced Materials Technology

    A new approach to in-plane surface plasmon polariton detection is demonstrated in a new article in Advanced Materials Technology by Dr Eugene Panchenko, other members of the group and collaborators at Tel Aviv University. The design is based on metal–semiconductor–metal photodetectors that are acknowledged as having one of the best speed characteristics among photodetectors. The […]

  3. UNESCO proclaims May 16th as the International Day of Light

      On 14 November, the 39th Session of the UNESCO General Conference proclaimed the date of May 16th as the International Day of Light.  The proclamation of this annual International Day will enable global appreciation of the central role that light and light-based technologies play in the lives of the citizens of the world in […]

  4. PhD graduations

    Congratulations to Dr Stuart Earl and Dr Eugene Panchenko who were awarded their degrees at the Sir Robert Menzies Oration on the 18th September.

  5. Optics group info session

    Prospective Physics MSc students are invited to the optics group information session which will be conducted as a ‘walk and talk’ tour through the group’s laboratories in the Basement and on Level 5 of the David Caro Building. The tour will begin with a brief introduction to the group followed by a walk through our […]

  6. Lukas Wesemann attends student leadership conference at Frontiers in Optics

    Representing our OSA Student Chapter at the 2017 Student Leadership Conference in Washington DC was a great experience for me. Meeting optics students from all over the world strongly motivated me to be an active member of the society – talking to someone in person makes all the difference.  Out of the large range of […]

  7. Nice optics over the Melbourne skyline

  8. New research article in Nature Physics

    Dr Alex Wood, Professor Robert Scholten are the authors of a new article, ‘Magnetic pseudo-fields in a rotating electron–nuclear spin system’ published in Nature Physics on 7 August. They used quantum sensors, nitrogen–vacancy (NV) centres, in a rapidly rotating diamond to detect pseudo-fields in the rotating frame to explore precession effects via quantum sensing. This […]

  9. PhD completion

    Congratulations to Eugene Panchenko who completed his PhD studies. Eugene investigated new approaches for elucidating the properties of light. He demonstrated that optoelectronic devices combining metallic nanostructures and semiconducting materials can monitor guided electromagnetic waves or determine the polarisation states or colour of freely propagating light. His findings may enable new approaches to optical imaging, computing […]

  10. Student Chapter update

    PhD student Lukas Wesemann was elected the new President of the University of Melbourne OSA student chapter at the AGM on 8 May. Hamid Soleimaninejad (Chemistry) was elected President of the local SPIE chapter.

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